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If you are looking for genuine German grandfather clocks, this is the place where you might find them! Please have a look at our website presenting you our beautiful and impressive German grandfather clocks of which every single one is made in traditional handwork by people who love what they do: the Lepper family and their employees. Tradition, creativity, exclusivity and highest quality, that is what our family-run company stands for. Please contact us in case you need our help and benefit from the direct sale.

Each Clock Handmade in Germany

Ranking among the best grandfather clocks you can buy in Germany, our clocks are manufactured according to highest quality standards. Be it a wooden clock, longcase clock or floor clock, only the finest solid woods are used for production and every single clock features an original Black Forest clockwork. As a traditional manufacturer whose regular customers used to be located in the Muenster-Osnabrueck area and throughout Germany we are very proud of now being able to offer our German grandfather clocks to an international audience through our website.

Low Direct Sale Prices

Of course, our German grandfather clocks are not cheap. Then why should you buy your clock from us rather than from a different retailer? Because they are handmade to perfection and in accordance with the highest quality demands resulting in every single clock being unique. Besides, we offer them in direct sale, which means a benefit in price as there are no middlemen between you and us. We hope you enjoy our beautiful collection of traditional German grandfather clocks.

Thank you for visiting our shop for German grandfather clocks. We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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